MOOSE Software Quality

Within MOOSE, code reliability is paramount, so MOOSE employs a rigorous and well-documented development strategy. In order to accomplish this task, a comprehensive set of tools for testing and documentation are being developed continuously and included within the framework for use by application developers.

In particular, testing of both MOOSE and MOOSE-based applications is of primary importance; changes are only merged into the framework once manual code review and the automated tests have ensured the changes are compatible with the applications. Since MOOSE is an open-source project, the testing process is publicly available at

MOOSE is developed by the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) by a team of computer scientists and engineers and is supported by various funding agencies including the United States Department of Energy. Development is ongoing at INL and by collaborators throughout the world.

The software quality documents for MOOSE are listed below:

The following link(s) may also be of interest when creating documentation related to software quality.

MOOSE employs a continuous integration strategy using Continuous Integration for Verification, Enhancement, and Testing (CIVET); the testing results for this version of the documentation is available at the following links:

Test Results:

!civet mergeresults

Releases: v1.0.0