MOOSE Python Tools

The MOOSE code itself is written in C++, but everything around it that supports it is written in Python. Here we detail some of the tools/scripts developed in Python that are distributed with MOOSE. Click on each one for further information

TestHarnessTool testing that applications work correctly as code is developed.
Memory LoggerTool for gathering memory usage of a running process.
CSVDiff ToolTool for computing differences between comma separated value (CSV) files.
Method of Manufactured Solutions (MMS)Utilities for verifying solves with the method of manufactured solutions.
free_energy.pyTool for extracting MOOSE parsed function expressions from thermodynamic database files.
moosetreeTool for building and searching tree structures.
Combine CSVTool for combining CSV files together.


MOOSE includes various python packages within the python directory. In order to use these packages the python directory must be made available to the interpreter, which is accomplished by setting the PYTHONPATH environment variable. The following can be set on the command line or inserted into your bash environment.

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:~/projects/moose/python