MOOSE Newsletter (June 2020)

Material, MeshGenerators, and Kernel System Documentation

Finite volume

The finite volume (FV) capabilities in MOOSE continue to be developed and made more robust. In the month of May we ensured that FV works with initial uniform mesh refinement and that flux kernels function for all mesh dimensions (e.g. 1D-3D).

Stochastic Tools Module

The stochastic tools module continues to be developed and gained some new features, including

  • Numerous examples were added to the documentation: Stochastic Tools

  • The creation of a [StochasticTools] block to automatically define the automatically sets up the main application with necessary objects for operating without a solve (see Monte Carlo Example).

  • Improved capability for transferring data from stochastic sub-applications

Some additions were made to the incompressible AD (INSAD) Navier-Stokes capabilities:

  • Boussinesq approximation

  • Traction form of the viscous term

MOOSE Publications

A list of publications was added to the website: List of Publications

Eigensolver Enhancement

A few significant eigensolver improvements were introduced:

  • Shell matrices for nonlinear and linear eigenvalue solvers

  • Allow users to attach a customized preconditioner (with a matrix-free option)

  • Support array kernels

  • Add an option (precond_matrix_includes_eigen) to allow users to add eigenvalue kernels into the preconditioning matrix optionally