PorousFlow module

Figure 1: Density driven convective mixing of CO2 in brine

The PorousFlow module is a library of physics for fluid and heat flow in porous media. It is formulated in an extremely general manner, so is capable of solving problems with an arbitrary number of phases (gas, liquid, etc) and fluid components (species present in each fluid phase), using any set of primary variables.

By simply adding pieces of physics together in an input file, the PorousFlow module enables the user to model problems with any combination of fluid, heat and geomechanics.

Become a developer

The PorousFlow module is being developed by users at national laboratories and universities around the world. The developers can be contacted through the moose-users email list.

All users of PorousFlow are encouraged to assist in the development of this module. There are a large number of possible enhancements that can be implemented, and better documentation that could be contributed, so consider becoming a developer yourself. Follow the MOOSE standards for contributing code and documentation.