Remote Access to INL-HPC

The following instructions are designed to users with access to Idaho National Laboratory (INL) High Performance Computing (HPC) computing resources and operating from a machine outside of INL.

SSH Config

Edit the ~/.ssh/config file on your local machine to include the commands for proxy calls to internal INL sites.

ServerAliveInterval 240

Host *
  ControlMaster auto
  ControlPath ~/.ssh/master-%r@%h:%p

## HPC Entry Point
Host hpclogin
  DynamicForward 5555

## Forwarding
Host sawtooth1 sawtooth2 falcon1 falcon2 lemhi1 lemhi2 rod
  ProxyJump hpclogin
note:What if my local and remote users names differ?

If your remote username is different from your local username you will need to add User directives in the appropriate places. See the instructions here.

note:What if the ProxyJump directive fails?

If your SSH client version is from before 2017. The ProxyJump command will not be recognized. Please upgrade your client, if possible. Otherwise, replace the ProxyJump directive with the following line:

ProxyCommand ssh -q -x -W %h:%p`

SSH Tunnel

Create a tunnel into the HPC environment and leave it running while you require access to HPC resources (GitLab, MOOSE Build, etc). If you close this window, you will loose your connection to these resources.

ssh <your hpc user id>@hpclogin
note:Both the RSA PIN and Token are required.

Connecting in this method requires an RSA PIN + Token. You should not need a fully-qualified domain name in your command above because of the "Host" setting in your SSH config file.


Adjust the SOCKS proxy settings for your least favorite web browser to reflect the following settings:


Choose your least favorite, because once you adjust this setting, you will have to undo this setting once you disconnect for that browser to work again. There are other ways to switch back and forth by creating profiles. You may want to consult the Internet on how to set this up for your browser or OS. FireFox, for example, allows for custom profiles: Firefox: Profile Manager

Finally, you may want to enter a few hostnames that you do not want to go resolve through your proxy. These would typically be external INL systems that are resolvable on the Internet (e.g., This will allow you to both internal and external INL sites when connected through the SOCKS proxy.

Log in to HPC Gitlab

Go to the following link: Log in using your HPC id and password, not your RSA token or PIN.

SSH Keys

Create your SSH public/private key and install it on GitLab. Instructions for doing so can be found on GitLab itself at:

Request Access

With now being able to connect to, and having generated an SSH public/private key pair, please inform a project owner that you require access to their project.

Once you receive an email stating you have been added as a member of said project, you should then be able to create a Fork of that repository (using the web site)

To clone the repository you just forked:

git clone<your user id>/<project>.git

View build status on MOOSEBuild

Using the same browser you modified your socks proxy settings, you should be able to navigate to

Visit the internal HPC webpage