Application Development

These documentation pages are meant to be used by developers who are developing MOOSE-based applications.

Syntax - MOOSE syntax documentation

Source Code - MOOSE source documentation

Doxygen - MOOSE Doxygen

Build System - How the hierarchical make system functions in MOOSE

Test System - How to create/maintain tests for your application

Performance Benchmarking - How to perform benchmarking

Profiling - How to profile your application in order to determine what functions are hogging compute time.

MooseUtils - General utilities used throughout the Framework and applications

Utils - General utilities used throughout the Framework and applications

Jacobian Definition - How to compute derivatives of your residual statements

Hypre/BoomerAMG Preconditioning - In-depth discussion of using Hypre's algebraic multigrid preconditioner: BoomerAMG

Code Standards - How we expect code to be formatted

Debugging - Tips on how to debug MOOSE-based applications

RelationshipManagers - Telling MOOSE about extra geomatric or algebraic information needed in parallel

Moose-Wrapped Apps - Coupling external codes to MOOSE